PBA Local 326 is comprised of New Jersey State Parole Officers. The position of Parole Officer in New Jersey is unlike any other law enforcement officer in the state. Parole Officers in New Jersey are Police Training Commission (PTC) certified and have full law enforcement authority throughout the State of New Jersey. Unlike other law enforcement officers whose primary responsiblility is to enforce the laws of New Jersey, Parole Officers are additionally responsible for supervising convicted felons who are released from their custodial sentences and on parole or other type of community supervision program on a day to day basis.   This task is performed for both adults and juveniles.  Parole Officers carry out the policies of the New Jersey State Parole Board and the New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission.

The goals of PBA 326 members are to maintain community safety, prevent recidivism amongst those released on Parole, and to successfully assist those on Parole with transitioning from prison life to a life outside prison within the norms of society. New Jersey Parole Officers are highly trained in various law enforcement and community supervision techniques. And as such, have various extensive knowledge in a variety of fields including, but not limited to, GPS monitoring, sex offender management, and fugitive apprehension among multiple other aspects.
The role of a Parole Officer is of great importance to assuring community safety. It is also of great importance to the New Jersey tax payer. By supervising parolees in the community it greatly offsets the costs of having the individual incarcerated in prison.
Members of PBA 326 are proud to of their role in modern day society and are committed to the work they do on behalf of the citizens of New Jersey.